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Antoinette Marchfelder

Artist Profile

Antoinette Marchfelder  came to New Jersey in 2012 after living in Costa Rica since 1985.
Her style of mix media and vibrant colors has been influenced by her journey coming from Costa Rica to the Trenton area. In Costa Rica, Antoinette lived between the lowland rain forest and the Caribbean Sea. Surrounded by rich colors and wild life gave her inspiration to create art. At that time, she owned a gift shop and made many of the items that she sold, depicting the fauna and flora of the region. 
Coming to New Jersey, especially Trenton, fused her love of nature with the beauty of women. Her own journey, brought inner strength, healing and an awareness of gratitude and peace to her soul. Her art captures those attributes in all women, representing their true essence of love, nurture, and the incredible ability to overcome whatever life brings forth. 
Antoinette’s paintings are layered with collage material, acrylic  paints, stamps, inks, watercolor, and pastel to name a few. She works several paintings at a time, building layers until the form begins to appear. Sometimes an idea is known before she begins, but most of the time she trusts the process and lets her creativity be free.
Photo by Will Foskey


Artist Exploration

The whole process is exciting for me because I dont know where I will end up. I’m usually delighted when I do. 
The thing is, when I create? I am in another world and everything else is in suspension and on hold. I am in my realm of creativity and lost in that. And sometimes I don’t even know what I’ve done until I will “wake up” out of that trance. At times I am way out of my comfort zone, and feel vulnerable, and even hate what I’ve done…At those times, I need to leave it, sometimes for hours or months. Some of my paintings are in process over a few years! And then I will get an inner motivation, sometimes inspired by something I have seen, a song, a conversation, and I will go back at it.

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