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Mano Tigre Designs

If you are interested in my Mano Tigre Designs, I have an Etsy Shop that you can get to from here

Mano TIgre Designs are one of a kind wall hangings done by Antoinette Marchfelder.

Each piece has 2 coats of primer before she starts the piece. The pieces are each given multicolored base coats and then Antoinette works on the details of each piece. Each one is created at the moment, usually under the influence of wonderful music and great coffee. 

Antoinette works on several pieces at a time and each piece will have several coats of the detail paint making the colors vibrant and pleasing to the eye. 

The last touch is three coats of varnish, making them able to be put on the deck, near the pool, garden, etc. It’s always good not to let direct rain fall on them, but they are guaranteed not to warp or discolor. 





Customer Favorite

Vibrant butterfly to grace your walls. Durable and perfect for your porch.


Top Seller

Hummingbirds! Glorious and always so bright and colorful. Lovely addition to bring a pop of color into your patio.


New Addition

Sideview, about to hover over a flower, think about how this will brighten up your garden!

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